• Daisy Wilford is an Antwerp, Belgium based artist who uses in her work a variety of artistic disciplines. The artist’s oeuvre shows works in watercolor, pastel, acrylic, photography and digital technologies. These artistic expressions provide the artist with a portfolio of tools to present her creations. In her work, Daisy Wilford always starts with the daily reality, which provides the subject of the creative work. That oeuvre is, as Marcel van Jole has emphasized earlier, sensitive and is dominated by emotion and not logic. « It is a direct testimony of life or of a profound reflection on existence in an essential way,” confirmed van Jole.


  • 1970   L’Enfance, Photo Tribune
  • 1982   Cultural Center, Castle of Schoten
  • 1983   Cultural Center, Schoten (Retrospective of the artist)
  • 1985   Campo Gallery, Antwerp
  • 1989   Etienne de Causans Art Gallery, Paris
  • 1989   Catherine van Notten Gallery, Geneva
  • 1989   Campo Gallery, Antwerp
  • 1990   Art Gallery Generale Bank, Schilde
  • 1990   International Painting Festival, Aix-en-Provence
  • 1990   Catherine van Notten Gallery, Geneva
  • 1993   AWW Gallery, Antwerp
  • 1995   ATAB Art Gallery, Antwerp
  • 1996-1997   Zirkstraat Gallery, Antwerp
  • 2000   Arts des Alpes Gallery, Verbier
  • 2000   Abbaye blanche Gallery, Mortain
  • 2000   Crearte Gallery, Schilde


Daisy Wilford (Artist monograph)

Epida Art Books Lier, 1990

L’insondable désert

Lannoo Drukkerij Lier, 1990

Daisy Wilford, Aquarelles

Editions Galerie Catherine van Notten Genève, 1990

Oasis de lumière

Lannoo Drukkerij Lier, 1993

L’oraison des couleurs

Lannoo Drukkerij Lier, 1993